Lacquered doors

The range of lacquered interior doors manufactured by Grupo Dimoldura offers a variety of technical features and finishes. In recent times, the demand for this type of doors has increased and they have become a trend due to their great aesthetic possibilities.

Their design is clean, versatile and elegant. White doors that give rooms brightness and doors of different colours that add personality and dynamism. Smooth, grooved or with aluminium inlays are some of the options for models available.

With different finishing options ranging from pre-lacquered to the highest standard premium lacquered doors.

Wooden doors

Grupo Dimoldura wooden doors stand out for the practicality, versatility and product design. These doors are made with quality natural wood veneer with a wide choice of fashionable finishes and solutions that adapt to all spaces. Simplicity and practicality in different designs, with minimalist grooves that add detail to each room.

Their versatility is due to the ability to customise technical and aesthetic details.

Its added value lies in the efficiency of production systems and the quality of raw materials, essential factors for offering very competitive prices and obtaining a product that is committed to environmental friendliness.

Laminated doors

Grupo Dimoldura designs and manufactures a range of quality laminated doors for interiors. Laminating is a solution that provides uniformity of shade and colour, surface resistance and a more competitive price than natural veneer.

Their design options are endless and, thanks to technological advances, finishes and textures of the laminated doors provide a feeling of warmth and naturalness.

The series of laminated doors by Grupo Dimoldura has a wide variety of innovative and daring designs and are manufactured under strict quality controls in the industry.

Technical doors

Grupo Dimoldura produces the INTENSA series, technical doors for public use with specific features and certified for every requirement: HPL doors, fire doors, acoustic doors and RX doors. These doors are specially designed to meet the requirements of quality, durability and safety controls in hotels, hospitals, schools and industry, among others.

Quality assurance for industrial doors by Grupo Dimoldura is backed by the necessary certificates according to the latest standards and test reports and meet strict quality requirements.


Grupo Dimoldura mouldings are intended to encompass different styles and technical characteristics. Their manufacture in different supports and with different coatings and finishes creates mouldings to suit all needs, environments and designs:

  • Door profiles: frames, architraves and mouldings.
  • Special door profiles: extensible frames and architraves.
  • Door accessories: kit for sliding doors and glazing beads.
  • Floor accessories: skirting boards, reducer and expansion strips.
  • Decorative accessories: panels, corner mouldings for wardrobes, kitchens and furniture.
  • Special made-to-measure profiles.

The mouldings are made for the DIY, construction and decoration sectors and can have standard or customised features. Product quality is demonstrated by years of experience in the sector and increasing domestic and international sales.

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