Dimoldura group is formally involved in coordinating its economic development and that of the companies which constitute it with the interests of the community that accommodates them through measures of protection and preservation of the environment.

On the one hand, the group’s companies are backed with accredited certifications that guarantee the sustainability of the raw material used in the manufacture of the final product:

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    The PEFC certificate.


Guarantees that the wood is obtained from European forests that are managed responsibly and that the functions thereof are protected for present and future generations. This certificate ensures consumers that the products they are buying come from sustainably managed forests. Grupo Dimoldura thereby helps combat illegal logging and promotes the main roles played by forest resources such as:

  • Contributing to the maintenance of many ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Being the economic livelihood of many rural populations and the origin of an important processing industry.
  • Having an increasingly recognised social and cultural role.
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    The FSC certificate.


Ensures that the goods originate from forests that are well managed anywhere in the world that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

On the other hand, the Group’s companies implement measures and use systems in its factories that are totally respectful of the environment and fight global warming:

  • Excess water is reused in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing consumption of this resource by a large percentage.
  • All wood dust generated in the manufacture of products is recycled to be used in the heating system of the factories, thus avoiding the use of other resources.

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