Values / Mission / Vision


Group Dimoldura values are based on a committed team, a close relationship with the customer and teamwork. Maintaining these values ​​intact from the very first day has been crucial to creating alliances and to continue growing as a company but above all as people.


The aim of Grupo Dimoldura is to establish itself as a leading supplier in the timber sector, diversifying products to supply the largest growing number of customers with a quality product and a competitive price.

Obtaining raw materials and manufacturing of 100% environmentally friendly products is another of the objectives inherent in building the identity of the company.

Achieving one of the highest ratios of average turnover per employee in the market is the result of having a highly professional team who feels part of a solid company that is able to constantly adapt to change.


Economic growth, ecological balance and social progress are the lines to follow in the future. Dimoldura’s view of the future envisages growing in an honest, responsible and sustainable manner and exporting quality products worldwide at a competitive price in compliance with all rules and regulations for protection of the environment.

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